Welcome Beautiful Soul!

The first thing I want to say is Thank you, and Welcome to Mom and Tribe Co.

The reason we specialize in "Mom Theme" products is it is a way to feel connected to a community. If you are walking down the street, and see another mom with something that says "mom" you instantly have something you connect with. We all know moms are tired, and give all we have to so many others, so why not treat yourself, or another mama with something that will brighten their day.

If you have been searching for your tribe, you can stop the search. You have found it. They say it takes a tribe to raise a family, and I can personally agree to that. But wait – now you know you need a tribe and help, but how do you find it? That’s where I struggled. And that’s why I can promise you that I will be doing what I can to help you out. You are not alone.

I only know the things that have helped me on this journey, and I want to share with all of you what makes me happy, and what makes me whole. I want to help support and feature other lovely locals and will be showcasing them. I will write blogs and give you tips and tricks on things in life that have helped me, and hopefully make you realize you are not alone. If you are searching for something or advice and are not finding it here, I want you to reach out and let me know! My mission is to help you!

Thank you for following along this journey with me!

Mom and Tribe Co. has been created for women by women. Our mission is to support women in all aspects of their lives. While supporting local moms in business at the same time. We have created this space to bring together women and create a true sense of community that promotes happiness and a state of well-being.

The WHY on my creating Mom and Tribe Co. I find women and especially moms, are so busy filling our cups up so much taking care of everyone, we seem to forget about ourselves. We put so much on our plate, that sometimes "easy" things, seem like a mountain. I want to create a space that helps take a little bit of stress off of you. There are so many areas that I know as a busy mom, that I stress out over, or I seem to run out of time to do, but they still need done. That is just added stress we do not need. That is what I am trying to create here, a place to help take those stresses out. Instead of tearing us down, let's build a community that helps build us up.