A new way to paint to keep the kids occupied

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My kids love to paint.


It is messy, it is time consuming, and have I mentioned messy?


But they love it.


They also get tired of just painting. So we are always painting new things, or the same things but with a twist. Instead of painting on paper, we paint rocks, we make sidewalk chalk paint instead of just chalk. We paint on paper, canvas, paper bags, anything we can think of, and we try to make a theme of it to make it seem different. 

This time, we painted on canvas, but made a canvas with their names on it. My girls, by choice share a room together. It is heart warming, at night when I go and check on them to see that one of them have climbed into bed with the other to cuddle. They actually prefer on weekends to sleep in the same bed, instead of separate bunks, because they love telling each other stories, and making a fort bed. But to make the room seem like it is both of theirs is hard. We alternate the night light that they each used to have in their own rooms before they started sharing a room. My oldest one had her room purple, and my youngest had green and pink. Now their shared room may have started a bit more purple, but we are making it more of a rainbow room so that they both feel it is their own.


I thought what better decor to add to their room, then one of their very own custom name signs to hang on the wall.


This is the warning, that for some reason, this craft got more messy than usual with our painting, so we took it outside to finish. 

The craft also only cost us the dollar store canvas that I had to buy, as we had paints and everything that we needed already. Now, for this craft, I had used my Cricut to cut out vinyl letters of the girls name. I was able to use scrap vinyl and it did not matter the colour because we aren’t keeping the vinyl on the canvas. If you do not have a Cricut, you can use painters tape and just tape out your kids name, or trace and cut out letters on construction paper then lightly tape on to the canvas.


After I had the names cut out, I put onto the canvas. Then the fun began. The girls were able to paint the entire canvas however they wanted. They were able to paint over the vinyl if they wanted. I am so happy we ended up doing this outside because paint was spilled, paint brushes dropped and things got messy!


Once they were done painting, I brought them inside, onto the table to dry. Once they were partially dry, I peeled off the vinyl. If you used permanent vinyl, do not leave the letters on for too long. The longer it is on the harder it is to peel off. 

Make sure to have the kids watching as you peel the names off, and show them the big reveal!

Try using this method for other things to paint, and see what you can come up with!

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