Another "Mom Win" Snack

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My kids expect a lot when it comes to new snacks. If I tell them that I have a new idea for a snack, they get really excited, and start talking about all the things it could be. They put high expectations on it. Now don’t get me wrong, they are perfectly happy with apples, or yogurt or something “plain”. But, if I tell them I have a new idea and want to try something, that is when they expect big things. 


Things were no different the other day when I told them that if they would play nice for a little bit, I would try a new snack. This was a win win for me. I got them to play for almost an hour with each other, with no arguing, and I had time to make this snack, and a bit of time to clean the kitchen and a bit of time for myself.


This snack was so easy to do, and took little time which means I had more time to “pretend” I was still making the snack, but actually was doing nothing. 

We have a raspberry plant in our house right now because if you live in Alberta, you know that you cannot plant anything until after the May Long Weekend snow fall. And if you know anything about raspberry plants you know they kind of take over, which is actually ok with me, because my girls love them. We are actually making a point to plant many things this year that they can just pick and eat, and hopefully keep them outside playing a little longer. 


So, now, I know we will be having an abundance of these little red fruits, I knew I need to start thinking of other things we can do with them. Thats when I decided to try Yogurt filled raspberries. So easy to prepare, and my girls devoured them. There are many different ways you can add extra flavour to this as well. The longest part of this was freezing the yogurt ahead of time, but depending on how much yogurt you use this could take a little or a lot. 


I filled a ziplock bag with some plain greek yogurt, and added a little honey. You could use any flavour of yogurt, and you could add anything to this. You could try some cinnamon, peanut butter, flavoured honey, or anything you can think of. Next you need to freeze this. You do not want this frozen solid, but just slightly frozen to thicken it up a bit. I think ours took about 30 minutes. Once it was slightly frozen, I took it out, and cut a hole in the corner of the bag. Then with each raspberry, I squeezed just a little bit inside of each one. You really do not need that much in them, and it only added a few minutes more than if I was to put just plain raspberries in a bowl for them. 

These do melt, so it is something that probably needs to be eaten pretty quick, or you could put it all in the freezer if you wanted. We did not have any left though to try putting it back in the freezer. 


It was a mom win!



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