During the holidays when you are not expecting anyone, and the panic starts.

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Oh no!! We have all been there before. This year may just look a little bit different. You hear a knock at your door. You are not expecting anyone, and the panic starts. You look out your window, and standing back from your door is someone who you know. A friend, a family member, a neighbour, co-worker; whoever it is, they were unannounced.


They saw you  in the window, and now you have to answer the door. They are so sweet. They just came to drop off a little something for you, for the holidays.  


I don’t know about you, but I definetly dropped the ball this year on getting small gifts for the people I normally would have boughten for. We are really limiting our outings to only essential needs, and for the most part I only have my hubby go and buy the groceries. It’s hard to ask him to just walk around the store and find something that so and so would like, when you aren’t sure either. 

This is why this super easy DIY gift is the best thing to make. Tip - have a few extras in gift bags under the tree that way you are never caught off guard. On top of this one DIY gift, I usually always try to have a few boxes of chocolates and a bag or two of liquor wrapped under the tree. 


In comes my mason jar obsession gift. I love the idea of painting your mason jars. If you have someone in mind who this gift is for, paint it the colour you know they love, or the colour of their house decor. I like to use chalk paint for this.


If you want to brighten up the jar or add some bling, after it is dried, spray an adhesive and pour some glitter all over the mason jar. Once that is done, you will need a few coats of a sealant over top. This is the part that would take the longest, so it is completely optional. 

Once that is ready, now is the time to make the homemade epsom salts:


1 cup Epsom Salt

1/2 cup baking soda

A few drops of essential oils (optional)

A couple drops of food colouring (again this one is optional)


Mix everything together. Put the lid on, wrap around a bunch of times with twine, and a customized tag, and slip a spoon through the twine. Voila! You have an amazing homemade gift! Put this under the tree, and the next time that you hear a knock at your door, you will be ready to hand them their gift as well :)


Happy DIY-ing your Christmas Gifts!!

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