Every day at dinner time, for our family we do something called magic moments.

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Some people celebrate thanksgiving Sunday, and others celebrate today, on the Monday. Either way, no matter what this year has brought, I’m sure that we all can find something to feel thankful for. Every day at dinner time, for our family we do something called magic moments.


My daughter went to camp a couple years ago, and at the end of the day all the kids went around a circle saying what their magic moment was. You would say what your favorite moment of the day was. And this was something that stuck with my oldest. Now ever since then we have said this at dinner. No matter how bad of a day we have had we can always find something good in the day. Sometimes it’s as simple as having dinner with our family.


Something else I can say that I am grateful for is knowing this amazing mom, who has done amazing things for kids and families newly diagnosed with cancer. When moms (and families) are going through something so horrific as your child being diagnosed with cancer, so many people say to them that they don’t know how they do it. The thing is, we don’t have any other option. We have no other choice but to keep going, no matter how hard it is. Something that helped us keep going through this is knowing Candice.


“After having a child diagnosed with cancer, our family started Fostership in hopes to reach out with support and resources to families who are starting an unexpected, heartbreaking and isolating journey when their child diagnosed with cancer”


Our Mission “to deliver care packages which will aid families in Calgary, Alberta who have a child recently diagnosed with cancer. The packages will include items that will assist in their unexpected admission to the hospital and contain information on available resources and supports to the family”.


This family, with the help of many others who donate, help create care packages of things that can be useful to those who are dealing with a cancer diagnosis. At Mom and Tribe Co. we have been working hard to help give back and with your purchases, we create heat bags to give to Fostership to give to children of all ages to help ease any of their aches and pains that can come with treatment.


We give thanks every day that we still have our daughter at our dinner table to do our magic moments.


If you would like to find out more about Fostership please check out their page



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