Homemade Christmas Gifts for any Budget

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Christmas, Christmas, Christmas.

It is my absolute favourite time of the year. And it is not for the receiving of gifts, because if you know me, you know I am so incredibly awkward and uncomfortable in being gifted something. 

I love anyone who even thought of me and wanting to gift something to me, and will always be forever grateful and remember all the gifts given to me but…. It also could partly be because my favourite part is the fact that I love the gifting part of Christmas, but if you know me, you know that I don’t even have to wait until Christmas, and I typically gift throughout the year, but anytime I gift, 

I always want to make sure that who ever we gift presents to feel appreciated. One way that I do that is to try and make at least a small part of their present.
I actually pride myself in coming up with some unique and special gifts for people. 

Of course, there also always is nothing wrong with just gifting a box of chocolates and a card, or a bottle of wine as well, so never feel guilty or bad about what you are gifting.

Because we all know that it is the thought that is most meaningful, and the fact that who ever gifted you something actually had to work potentially hours of their day at their job, to pay for that gift. 

A fun fact about me is that I will always support local and friends as much as possible. It’s funny, because when I met my husband, he was let’s just say; very frugal! I, on the other hand was not…. (Surprisingly the roles have reversed, and I will share in other blogs just how I make small changes to save).

He said that when he asked me to marry him, he knew that he had to be ok with the fact that some things in life were just going to cost more money now. Meaning, he knew I would always shop farmers markets and friends local businesses before I spend my money at a chainstore. 

This past year or two have been different and difficult for so many of us, I really wanted to come up with some new ideas on how to save some money this holiday season and make as much as possible, and for any add ons to try and only buy from local stores, or local home based businesses. 

Sometimes, when making gifts, the upfront cost can seem as though it costs way more… but it is always important to firstly, see if you have anything around your house you can use before buying, and secondly, buy items that you can maybe buy in bulk or multi purpose, or are able to make more than one gift out of it. 

Here is a list of some of the homemade gifts we are making this year. Many of these items will be gifted in mason jars (seriously, mason jars have got to be on my top 10 of favourite things!!). In our closet, I always have a few cases of different sized mason jars, so when it comes time to gift something, it also seems to help keep costs down. We’ve also added ideas beside these on how to add items to these gifts if wanted.

  1. Candles (add some matches, room spray or socks)
  2. Candied Pecans (add a nice snack tray)
  3. Chocolate Dipped Pretzels (add some gourmet coffee or hot chocolate and mugs)
  4. Apple Cider Mix (Add a bottle of organic apple juice, or red win)
  5. Heat Bags (Throw in a blanket and movie)
  6. Reusable Makeup Pads (Add some all natural makeup remover and creams)
  7. Reusable Napkins (for kids) (Make fun patterns or Disney characters and a cookie decorating kit and fun aprons)
  8. Ornaments (Add something that matches the ornaments, or pjs)
  9. Homemade Chocolate (Add a charcuterie board with or without a spread)
  10. Personalized Crayons and Colouring Sheets (markers, glitter, glue, craft supplies)
  11. Puzzles (Make it a game theme and add board games)
  12. Homemade Decor
  13. Movie Night Bundle (Tray, popcorn, movie, blanket)
  14. Soaps and Bath salts (Add a bath tub tray)
  15. Infused Oils and Butters (A gift certificate to a fancy restaurant)
  16. Customized Tea Towels (Have a family recipe printed on the towel)
  17. Wedding Song Lyrics printed out and Framed (Something sentimental from their wedding)
  18. Stovetop Potpourri (Gift a nice pot and kitchen utensils and put potpourri inside of pot)
  19. Baked Goods (Serving Plates)
  20. Pancake Mix with Homemade Syrup (A nice breakfast in bed Tray)
  21. Wood Cutting Board with Kids picture burnt into it (This would be totally enough for a grandparent gift)
  22. Bottle of favourite drink, with customized bag (Add another favourite of theirs with this)
  23. Experiences
  24. Playdough ( play dough accessories)
  25. Photographs (Gift a photography session, or precious photos in a nice frame)
  26. Cookbook of Old Family Recipes (make some of the recipes and gift on nice serving dishes)

Each of these items, are super simple to make, plus can be made on a budget, or you can easily add more to these gifts to create more of a curated gift set with coordinating items. Also, each of the items does not have to be made either, all of these would also be easy to look for at any local stores near you. 

The best way to top off any of these gifts, is to add a personalized card or note to it.

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