How a gift closet has saved me more than a few times

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If you haven’t been able to notice by now, a big part of my passion is helping moms. I am a mom of two very busy little girls. I have had many times at a breaking point where I would have loved some help or a tribe, and could not find one. I have made  it my passion to make sure I can help as many moms as I possibly can. It will have to start small, but hopefully all of you who are reading this will help spread the word. 


I have talked to quite few moms, and I have compiled a list of 10 things to help out busy moms. I actually had probably about 32, but had to narrow it down… maybe I’ll save the others for another blog.


Here they are, in no particular order:


  1. Find someone - anyone who you can check in with daily, or even weekly – We all need this. Even if you have a spouse, or significant other, maybe even family. But it is always a good thing to have that one friend who sends you a check in message, and where you can be brutally honest to each other. You can vent or rave about anything, and truly let them know how you are feeling with no judgement or repercussions 


  1. Write it down – Mom brain is a thing right? If I don’t write it down, it’s like it never existed. I have sticky notes all over the place, and scrap pieces of paper everywhere with random phone numbers that I have to call to make appointments, or things that I remember that I need to do during the day/week/month. I do have a designated notebook, but I will also admit that it sometimes does get lost, so I resort back to scrap paper


  1. Chores – I can’t say this enough! My girls are just starting at the age (5 and 3) where I think they are really understanding, and wanting to help. Giving them chores (that are age appropriate) will not only let them feel a sense of accomplishment, it will also help give you back a few more minutes of the day. Sure at the beginning, it make take a bit longer on your end to help finish the chore, or once they go to bed you maybe have to re-wash the dishes but they will eventually become comfortable with what they are doing, they may even ask for more chores. Or they will not like any minute of chores, but hey, loading the dishwasher properly is a life skill they will need to know…right?!


  1. Family Calendar – We have a household that can get pretty hectic. My husband works out of town, and my daughters have many things on the go, and I run multiple businesses. Remember how I said I write everything down? Well there were a few times where I “may” have forgotten to inform my hubby where we were, when we were at an appointment where I could not have my phone on. Hubby was working out of town, and was trying to get a hold of me. He started getting so worried, and then it happened again at another appointment. That is when we agreed we needed to put everything in a shared calendar. We even have garbage and compost day in the calendar so we are all accountable to take out the garbage


  1. Get outside – This is just something we all need to try and do every single day. It will help in so many ways, I can write a blog just on the need for getting outside. I can actually see the difference in attitude we all have on days we have been outside vs days we have not 


  1. Meditate (whatever way that looks like to you)


  1. Get enough you time – I am a better mom, and better person, when I get some time to myself. Yes, there, I said it. I need me time. Whatever that looks like, you need to take it. It can be hard. I have a hubby who works out of town, 2 kids who don’t go to bed easily, and wake up at all hours, and work multiple jobs. I take my “me” time where ever and whenever I can get it. Even if it is just drinking my coffee hot in the morning


  1. Meals – Meals can be a struggle. Grocery shopping can be a struggle, meal prep and coming up with ideas can be a struggle. Whatever helps you out the most, please use it. It can be one of those services that delivers the items you need for that nights dinner, or a service that makes the grocery list, and meal plans for the week (we have someone who can help you with this one). Cook massive amounts on Sunday and freeze it… the list of ideas go on and on


  1. Pay for the extra help where needed (cleaning??)


  1. Have a gift closet – I can’t even begin to count how many times this has gotten me out of a bind. Now you don’t actually need a whole closet dedicated to gift, just  one shelf, or bin or anything will do. Has your kid ever come up to you last minute only to tell you there is a birthday party happening the next day? Or a birthday you forgot? Can’t get out of the house to get that gift - Hello 2020… no one could go out at one point in time!  Go into your closet and pick something that is suitable. It is really simple, it does take time to build up but once it is, it is easy to keep up. At the toy section of a store? See some playdough or game that is on sale or a reasonable price? Pick one or two up. Buying soaps or candles where it is something like buy 3 get 1 free? Use that one free one and put it in your closet. Little items are great add on’s to gifts or baskets that you can make up. Now the key is don’t just buy to buy though. Are your kids teens and don’t have many friends with younger kids? Then it would not make sense to buy anything that is suitable for little kids. Have younger kids? Then it would make sense to buy items that are geared more towards them. Buy things that you and your friends or co-workers enjoy. After Christmas when things go on sale, I always buy a few things with certain people in mind and hold it until their birthdays, or the right occasion. Trust me, this will help you so many times!


  1. Wine- This is self explanatory. It does not have to be wine. It can be coffee, or tea, or water, or anything. But my point to this is, do something that helps you unwind or relax. That can be a glass of wine with dinner, or once the kids went to bed. It can be a tea with a book in the evening, or wake up early and actually drink your cup of coffee hot and uninterrupted in the morning. 


Oops, I guess I couldn’t stop at 10 

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