How do we make this Christmas season feel normal????

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Christmas is getting closer and closer. And it does not look like it ever looked before. 


With the activities and festivities, and parties, and gatherings not happening, we can find ourselves falling into a rut, and maybe not celebrating or being as cheerful as we normally would. 


I know for a lot, holidays are hard enough without the added stress of any restrictions or worries. Sometimes getting out to preplanned activities were what we needed for any type of resemblance of normalcy.


Here’s what we did over the weekend.



Go skating. I am not talking about going to an arena. I am talking about going outdoors. We went as a family to a lake just the other day, and we were so surprised to see so many people skating. It was even nicer to see that the lake was actually big enough for everyone to give each other their space. We weren’t prepared to go skating that day, but the very next day, we made a whole day of it. Both my girls are still pretty young and they do not know how to skate, but we brought our sled and one of those helpers that they can hold on to and push (for the life of me I can’t remember the name!).

We made a day of this. We packed snacks, we got excited getting clothes ready, and off we went. When we were done skating, we had our picnic lunch and went off exploring. They both collected rocks and had a great time! We spent a good chunk of the day out and talking about Christmas traditions and singing songs. It was a great way to get outside, get some fresh air, and feel some sort of normalcy. With the promise of hot chocolate once we got home, it was a morning of everyone having fun and getting along, which is a win win. 


Once we got home, we made a plan to decorate Christmas cookies, and then do a Christmas craft. 

I let go of my ideas on how to decorate, and just let the kids have fun at it. I am honestly not sure if there is more candy on the cookies, or if the kids ate more candy. Normally, I try to not let them to eat too much… tummy aches normally happen afterwards, but this time I just let them have fun. The kitchen was a mess, I was a mess, and the kids were a mess. But we were all happy! 


After a big clean up, we started working on our craft. Neither kid could agree to what they wanted to make, so I let them do separate ones. You really need to pick your battles. My youngest has decided she wants to start an ornament business, so we cut her some birch rounds and she set up a table outside to colour them for customers and for Christmas. My youngest on our adventure earlier that day had all her rocks, and she wanted to turn them into Christmas rocks. We got the red and green paint out, and she had a blast!

The best part of this is, they went to bed ten minutes earlier than their bedtime!

And I am having a tea and working on this blog




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