How the Community began

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How I Started this Journey


These are new times aren’t they? Well maybe not new anymore, as it seems we have been in this for a lot longer than it really has been. 


It has changed a lot of things in my household. We are being more resourceful, trying to be less wasteful, using this time for projects, spending time reconnecting with our family, and having more conversations. What it has also done is made a 180 mind shift on how we as society conduct business. I started my first passion business in the photography world. This year, was going to be my year, I had my goal sessions booked, plans, and visions… but then a pandemic occurred. There was a halt on all photography, and even when you were allowed, it had to be done at a safe distance, newborn photography was not safe. 


Just before this, I had started selling a few things I had been making as another creative outlet. It was also starting to take off, but I had to start changing how I was selling. I have made it known, that helping and building a community is also my passion. Helping others connect to a community. Helping moms, because moms can be so hard to make new friends. 


I am starting this community chat in the hopes to help other moms and like minded and busy people. I will be featuring a local mom bosses on Monday’s who own something that I believe can truly help, or something that will help brighten your day, or make a moment in your life a little easier. I will have ideas, information, or anything on my blogs that you will have access to from here as well. There you can be involved, and tell me what you like, or want to hear more of. 

Chat soon Mom Tribe!

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