How to save money with DIY vases for every season

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It’s that time of year again. It rains, and then the sun comes up, and everything looks beautiful. Dandelions start popping up everywhere and your kids love picking them for you. They make bouquets and collect as many flowers and leaves that they can. But what do you do with all of them?


My girls, want to keep them all and say that they are special to them. Most of our vases are tall, and big. They are too big to hold just a kids handful of flowers. So what can we do? We are working in our house to reduce our spending, and not buy so many things for in the house. With kid toys and arts and crafts, our house is getting overrun. We want to try saving more money for making more memories, so the idea of buying new vases for these bouquets. 


It was a chilly rainy day the other day, so we opened up a can of soup. That’s when I got the idea, that we can repurpose this can. I love this idea, because it not only gives a craft that we can all do, it also costs very little so anyone can do this on any budget. After it is made, you can even send the kids outside to collect more flowers, so this may even give you a few minutes to have another coffee. 

This is also a great idea you can do to add seasonal decor into your house without having to spend any extra. You can buy all the items you need from your local dollar store, or even talk with some other moms you know, and you can all trade supplies!


Heres what you need:


An empty can - washed with the label taken off



Hot glue gun

With an empty can, measure how much ribbon that you will need. If the ribbon is not wide enough just cut extra ribbon for the top and bottom of the can. I folded ribbon over the top to cover any sharp edges. Use hot glue to glue around the can and wrap the ribbon around.

Next, put your flowers in the can and add water, and display wherever you want. 

You can do this for any season to add special touches around the house without needing to spend much if any extra money!

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Happy Crafting Mom Tribe!

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