Moms, crafts, and empty bottles. A great weekend project

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If you are like me, I hardly have time to sit and read articles for projects. I scroll on Pinterest when my kids are in bed, and if I there was something that I wanted to see, it would either need photos or a quick write up. I don't have time for much with kids, work, family, laundry, cooking, lunches, and the list goes on!!

That is why when I find these cute, quick easy projects, I want to make reading about them as easy as possible!


Moms, are you like me, and during this pandemic, have any empty wine bottles in the recycle? I may have a few more than I care to admit!! 

Well, I have also started enjoying making Mala bracelets, and love the lava stones in them, that I can put some essential oils in. But I ran into a problem after making a few…dozen. I have no where to store and display them.

While I am writing this, Earth Day has only just happened. We have been talking as a family about the Earth and things we can do to help. My oldest daughter has also been coming home from school talking about the things we can do to help. In our house, we also work really hard on reusing items and repurposing things. It is hard now to actually get to a store, so we get really creative around here. 


That is why I thought of using wine bottles! I’m sure you can use any type of bottle, but this is what I had laying around the house in our recycle bin. I made sure to give a good wash and soak. This helps get the label off as well. 

Once the bottle was dry I took the bottle and cap outside to spray paint. You can also use the cork as well. It actually looks great with the lid or cork! I find spray paint works much better than paint and a paint brush because it won’t get streaky. Just make sure that you don’t do this outside on a windy day. This. I learnt the hard way!!

Paint these in any colour that goes with your decor. Put them on a tray or use items to give them different heights. You can use them just for decor, or for jewelry. I have them for bracelets, but you could also use them for your necklaces, watches, the list goes on. 

This is a short a sweet how to, but something a little different that maybe you can do with your kids this weekend.

Happy crafting!

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