Mom's, take the pictures, and get in the pictures. It's the memories that count

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Moms, you don’t need a fancy camera to create memories.


You may not know this about me, but I talk often about how I run more than one business. My first business I ever started was a business out of pure passion… Photography. So trust me when - someone with a fancy camera, says you don’t need one. Some of my favourite photos of my family are photos that have missed focus, or are from my phone! As moms, we always seem to be the picture taker, but let's try to get IN the photos.


We are heading into new territory now a days, with social distancing, and self-isolating. We, as photographers have been cancelling our sessions, or at least changing our sessions. I get that you may not want to get photos done right now. I don’t blame you.


But the answer is not take any photos!  Get your phone out, and make some memories! Now is the time that we all as a society need to be thankful for everything that we have. The little things that make you smile during the day, take your phone out… I know you have it right beside you or in your pocket. Take out your phone and take a photo. It does not have to be perfect. It does not need the best lighting, or backdrop. It just needs to capture something that does, and will later make you smile. Moms, take a selfie with your kids if that is the only way you can get in the photo. Have your kids take pictures. The most important thing, is that you take a photo.


Sure, I can also tell you many reasons why having a professional camera is a great option, and how great these photos can be, but any photo is better than no photo.

Document your inside adventure. My girls and I had a spa day, my oldest has been begging that we be just like fancy Nacny, and make our own face masks, and put cucumbers on our eyes. Now imagine me trying to take a selfie with my daughter with cucumbers on my eyes… spoiler alert – it did not work well, but I have the photos, and it is going in our photo album. 

We played outside, and both my girls grabbed their little chairs, and sat side by side, and “sun tanned” in the winter. I took a photo. 

I even just took a photo of the eating breakfast together. Because one day, we are going to be so busy in the mornings, that I will not have time to stop any just watch them be so happy beside each other eating cereal. Or the dance party they had dressed up as princesses. These are the moments as Moms we want to remember.

Remember, a photo is better than no photo


Now MOMS, go and take that imperfect photo in the house that has dishes in the sink and laundry not folded, because those are the things later in life that will not matter, but having that photo will matter. 


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