Quarantine that ELF!

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Elf on the shelf ideas


Obviously after your elf does his or her 10-14 day isolation, you will have to come up with some new ideas of what to do. Last year was the first year my family did this tradition thanks to a gift from my sister, we were forced into it. I actually do not mind doing this, and my girls loved seeing where Sparkle Heart was every morning. But I can also appreciate how hard it is to come up with new ideas, and not repeating ideas as the years go on.


That is why we are going to have multiple lists in the coming weeks for ideas. We will have some for younger kids (easier ideas), older kids (maybe some pranks?) and some for the nights where you have completely forgotten.


Elf with measuring tape out to 6ft, holding a sign that says “stay 6 feet away

Elf zip lining to the Christmas tree

Hiding behind the window curtain

Hiding in kids stocking

Playing tic tac toe with marshmallows

Colouring in kids colouring books

Put red or green food colouring in Milk- Elf has a sign saying “your milk has gone bad”

Caught hanging on the ceiling fan

Elf taking a selfie

Elf cutting paper making paper snowflakes


Keep following along as we give ideas about Elf on the Shelf, and maybe some Christmas themed drinks to go with doing this tradition!!


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