School is ending, but where does that leave us moms needing other moms?

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School is ending.



This year has been a tough and isolating year for most of us. I do school drop off and pick up most days. When my husband who works out of town is home, he will mostly do the morning drop off and he tries to do the after school pick up, but I always insist to do the afternoon pick up. Unless there is something that I need to do, or work or an appointment, I am there. 


Would it be great to have a whole afternoon without being interrupted? Of course it would be. I am not a morning or night person, I tend to be the most productive during the day, and I usually will have to stop half way through doing something to pick up my oldest from school.


But you know what? I wouldn’t change it. Especially after the isolating year that we have had. I have heard so many moms that I have talked to this year saying that the only time they get any type of “socializing” or are able to talk with other adults is during the school drop off and pick up. 


I get it.


I get it moms, I really get it. With two little kids, and a husband who works out of town, and a pandemic, this has been the only time that I would see other humans, and adults. It is also the only time that I get to see my kids smiling and laughing with other kids. 



This has been the year that we all have realized that women need women, and moms need moms. I am a mom, so it seems to come naturally that I speak mostly of mom topics. And one of isolation is one that I know all too well. 


So, now the end of school is here, what are we as moms going to do? How are we going to get our daily chats with other adults? 

What do we do now that there is no school pick up? Summer can be a great and fun and adventurous time with our kids and family, but there still needs to be some interactions with other like minded people. But how will we get to see other moms?


If I had the actual answer to this, I would let you know. But the thing that I do know, is that I will try this summer to reach out to others, more than maybe I normally would. I am an introvert, but I am going to put myself out there, and get out of my comfort zone a little bit, and try to check in. I will send a message or text, or if I see a someone I know walking on the other side of the street, I am going to cross over, and make sure to say hi. I am going to make sure to ask them about their day, and check in on friends, and try to have meaningful conversations. 


Let’s try and support each other. Do you have any of the moms on Facebook? Or any other social media? Why not send a message once in a while and check in and see how the kids are doing. Try to plan an outdoor play with the kids, or maybe without kids, grab a coffee and go for a walk with another mom. 


This does not need to be another summer of isolation.


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