Teachers right about now could use a smile

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No matter where you are in the world reading this, there is probably one thing that we all can agree with. Teachers have had a hard year. Now this isn’t saying that no one else has had a hard year, we all have. But this right now, we are going to talk about teachers, and something small we can do for them. The stress of going to school everyday, with a classroom full, keeping especially those younger kids apart, cleaning their hands, and doing their best to keep them on track educationally, considering that the year before sort of ended abruptly; they have a lot of responsibility on their hands. 

Where we are, there are a lot of schools closing, or at least shutting down for two weeks. There is talk about maybe more doing the same. That’s why when I found out that this week is teacher appreciation week, I wanted to come up with a little craft that would be a great teacher gift. 
I know that going out can be difficult, so this was actually a craft that I had everything in the house, and with spring and planting season coming up, hopefully you have this in your house as well. This is also a pretty cost effective gift, because I also know that a lot of houses maybe on a tighter budget, so if you don’t have what you need, just head on to your dollar store, where you will be able to find everything you need for this gift. 
What you will need:
Terra Cotta pot and lid (any size)
Red Paint (we used spray paint because that is what we had)
Greenery (can be felt, construction paper, green leaves from a fake plant)
Hot glue
Candy - or any type of treat to fill the pot when finished

-Paint your pot and saucer red
-While that is drying cut the pencil and use the eraser end of of the pencil
-Cut your felt into a leaf shape
-Add a small dot of hot glue to the centre at one end of each “leaf” and pinch to make it more three dimensional

Use glue to attach the pencil and leaves to the saucer to act as the lid, and then fill with candy


Happy Crafting!


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