The Last of Sparkle Heart ideas... Our Elf on the Shelf

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We are almost done! We have almost made it!! This calls for celebration. It is too early in the morning for me to have a glass of wine to celebrate, so having a nice hot coffee will do.

The elf is on the last half until he or she goes back to the North Pole for the year. How are you doing mama? For the first 10 days our resident Elf Sparkle Heart was in a jar in quarantine. Even then, there were so many times she had to be moved…after I went to bed.

Now, we are at the point where she is doing things on her journey back from the North Pole every night, and it can be exhausting. 

We had a few ideas for everyone in one of our last blogs about this and if you like you can recap here:


Here are now some new ideas.


Decorate somethings (Our elf added a festive tablecloth and decorations on our table)


Leave an art and craft for the kids to do


Holding a sign asking for you to read your favorite book


Taking a nap in a tissue box


Watching “Elf” on TV

Empties flour on the counter and makes snow angels


Makes a trail of candy 


Elf in the middle of the toilet paper roll made to look like a snowman


Your Elf can make a snowman that melts



Elf is decorating a mini Christmas tree or one of those “Grinch trees”


Elf wrapping a present that they are to open on Christmas Eve

Roasting Marshmellows with friends


Write a message on the mirror with marker… Washable of course


Elf has a bag and asks you to collect non perishable food to donate


I hope some of these help you make your evenings and nights a little less stressful in this already hectic holiday season


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