This Valentine's gift idea is the gift for everyone

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Do you give out Valentine gifts?


Growing up, my mom was always one, no matter what holiday, no matter how big or small, she was always one to make sure we always had a little gift waiting at the breakfast table. Valentines was no different. I think that is why I always am trying to come up with cute ideas for gifts for people. I am always thinking of gifts I can gift to my kids, husband, and friends. And especially grandma.


This gift idea can actually become an activity, gift set for your kids to be waiting for them when they wake up, or a great gift for grandma… and it can double as a gift for you as well.. wait what?

Just think, this gift comes with a tote bag, that you know grandma would just treasure forever if it has the handprints of her grandkids beside the heart. It is filled with items that will help keep the kids entertained, and if you add some pjs, and a toothbrush, it is now the kids overnight bag to go to grandmas, which in turn may give you and your spouse a much needed evening together to watch netflix and not share all the snacks!


This activity would be great to do on a day after school when it seems the kids maybe at their limits with each other, or since it is winter right now, it can be done on a day where maybe it’s a little too cold to send them outside.

How cute would this bag be when it’s completed with their handprints?? ( I can't show ours here because... well it's a grandma gift this year, and I know she follows our blog!!!)


The most important thing to remember when doing this, is grab one of your empty amazon boxes that we all have laying around, and put in in the bag. This way the paint does not go through onto the other side of the tote bag.


Let your kids pick out their colours, or pick out Grandma’s favourite colours, or go with the Valentine theme of pinks, reds, and whites. Make sure that you and your kids are wearing clothes that are ok if it gets some paint on.


Next I had a couple of trays of each colour, that way they are not arguing over any colours, and I had each kid put however much paint and any colour they wanted on their hands. Then the fun happens. Let them put as many or as little as they want to fill the empty spots around the heart.


When you have it filled as much as you would like, let it dry (it does not take too long), take out the cardboard. 

See how this can be a great gift for kids, grandparents, and even the parents if this becomes a sleepover bag, it means mom and dad can get a night  for Netflix!!


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