We as moms need to stop feeling like Failures!

Posted by Christie Reimer on

I want to take a minute and talk about us as moms feeling like failures.
We all have been there and have thought that, but now more than ever, we are all questioning how we are raising our kids, while working from home, home schooling, and keeping up with the house and just everyday life things. The thing is, right now we are just surviving, and that is OK.
There is no need to feel like you need to do any more than that. That is enough.
I have said before, that while I lay with my girls to go to sleep every night, I typically scroll on Pinterest. For some reason right now, all I am seeing are post and blogs about how to "be a better mom", "how to not yell at your kids" "how not to feel guilty"... and the list goes on
When you open these up, they have a list of things of what you may have done, and how you can do it better. Some of these are things that you may not have even felt guilty about, but now you definitely are because someone is telling you to feel guilty.
We need to stop!
We need to stop judging other moms about how they are raising their kids, and especially now during a pandemic!
If you see someone doing something that maybe you wouldn't do, just walk away, or better yet ask that mom if she needs any help. Drop off a pre-made meal or a coffee at her door.
Let's not make anyone feel like they are failing, when in fact maybe they are doing the best they can.
And don't forget, one bad day, or two or three is OK

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