What to get the Mom... or Grandma that has Everything?

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What do you get the mom that has everything?


Part of the reason for starting Mom and Tribe Co, was so I could help us busy moms when it comes to gift giving. The reason I typically only offer products and items that are ready to go, is that if you are like me, and when you realize you need a gift for someone, you don’t usually have the time to order something and wait for it to get made. All your spare time.. wait, what spare time?

All my things you see on my site are ready to go for that last minute gift. Us moms have to stick together and help each other out!! (This camping one, was her latest buy)

What about the moms (or in this case, grandma’s) that have everything?

My mom is my number one supporter in starting Mom and Tribe Co. She reads all my blogs, shares all my posts, and sometimes I swear she single handedly keeps me in business with everything she insists on buying!!!

So now that it is her birthday coming up… I am posting this after her birthday because, well like I just said, she reads all my blogs so I can’t give the gift idea away, I was racking my brain on what we can give her.

Sure, we always make a few items from the kids, because what grandma doesn’t like those, but I really wanted to put some thought into what else to get her. I obviously can’t just make her something that I usually make, because, like I said, she buys everything so there is a good chance there isn’t something new that I have up on the site yet. She has everything.

One thing about my mom is that she loves gifts that are thoughtful, and she is the kind of person that works really hard on being a better person for the environment. But she is totally a glam kind of grandma.


So one night while I was laying with my girls, and they were NOT falling asleep, I started scrolling on Pinterest. We are living in odd times, where its not so easy to just go to a store, and with my girls I definitely didn’t want to be taking them anywhere. So I was looking at ideas of what I could make for her. Then, I thought of it!


Reusable makeup remover pads. These are super simple, super cute, and super great for the environment! And the bonus was, that I already have a small fortune of fabric sitting in my office. 


Among the grandkid gifts, I made a stack of these makeup remover pads, called a local all natural beauty store in town, who will let me do curb side pick up for some all natural makeup remover, and a few other items, and homemade cupcakes, I think we have a winning gift!!

I don’t sell everything I make, but I wanted to share this idea with you all, I am giving you all a how to, for making these. I think this is the perfect gift for anyone!


Even if you don’t have a sewing machine, you could probably hand stitch this. It would take more time, but they are small enough that you could make a couple of these if you had the time.


For these you will need two different types of fabric. I used a pretty design that was 100% cotton for the one side, and the side you will use to remove makeup I used a flannel. The less colour on the flannel side the better. You do need to be careful, as the more colourful the pattern is, you do run the risk of the colour bleeding.

Make sure to prewash your fabric as well. There is always the chance of shrinking, so you would rather have that happen before you sew and make your project. 

Next, I cut each fabric in squares of 3.5” by 3.5”


When you match up the cotton and flannel, make sure that you have the right sides together, and you are sewing it inside out. I made this mistake not once, but three times on this project!!!

You can use a couple of pins once you match these two up to help keep it together as you sew. Needles and I do not get along, so this one I just sewed very slowly and carefully without pinning.


Make sure to leave an opening, so you can turn it right side out. Next, I give this one more iron, and do a stitch all the way around, this, I think looks nice, gives it an added touch, and closes up the section that you left open. It is your choice, if you use a coordinating thread, or contrasting. 


Make a few of these, and tie with a ribbon, and they are amazing eco friendly, for a mom, from a mom gift. 

For the mom that has everything, this is something I’m sure she will not have.


Happy sewing Mom Tribe!


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