When you have too many Amazon Boxes and need a Valentine Craft

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Moms!! This craft is for you, if you are a mama to younger kids looking for a Valentines craft to do to keep your kids busy!!


Last weekend, we had mentioned that we were busy with projects. A lot of our family time, especially on cold days consist of trying new things that I can let you all know about. Not only is this work, and research, it also is a great bonding time with my girls. They love all things arts and crafts, and it is always a bonus if it makes a huge mess. Glitter; I think we will wait until it is warmer outside so they can make that mess outside... I learnt my lesson on that one!!

It is all Valentines Day around here. We are constantly talking about decorations, crafts, and yummy treats. While Valentines Day is not one of my favourites to go all out decorating, I do love having a small amount of seasonal decor. It is something I always remembered from growing up, we always had just tiny little touches of any holiday (hand towels, salt and pepper shakers etc). I also realized that this holiday coming up I do not have a whole lot of decorations left of, we have moved a few times, and it always seems there are a few things lost or broken in each move. 

I decided what better thing to do than do a craft that can double as decorations. 

This one is super simple, and I'm sure there needs to be a few of you around that are like me, and have an extra one . or two, or twenty Amazon boxes laying around. Grab all that you can find because we need them!

Today we are making yarn heart garland

-Amazon Boxes (well any will do, but let's be honest this is probably what you will find lol)

-Cardstock for hearts to trace (I used my Cricut and cut out hearts of different sizes)



-Yarn (any colour, but red, white, pink are definitely Valentines colours)

-Hot glue 


I started with ripping off sides of our boxes, then on my Cricut, I made heart shapes of different sizes and had those cut out onto cardstock. We traced the hearts and cut those all out.

Once we had all of our hearts cut out, we grabbed the yarn. I didn't cut any because it is very hard to guess how much you will need.

Start by hot gluing the end of the string anywhere on the heart. Now you just wrap, and wrap, and yup; you guessed it, wrap the yarn around the heart in every direction. Eventually the heart will even and round out. I hot glued the yarn sometimes when I would switch directions of wrapping to help hold it together. 

Once you think that it is the shape that you like, on the back glue the string and leave a little extra to glue a loop.


Once all your hearts are made, you can now grab some more yarn, or string, or whatever you like for the garland, and now use the loops you have made on the hearts to connect them all


This kept my kids busy for quite a while!!!

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