Why you should lie about how long your workout really is

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Why you should lie about how long your workout really is


Ok, hear me out, I am not advocating lying. My kids would get grounded for lying. What I am advocating for is, your mental health… keep reading

We’ve all been there. Dreading the workout. Sometimes even hoping that something can come up so you can cancel. This may not apply to everyone, but if you are lucky enough to find someone to watch your kids, you know that this is probably the one time in the week you can go out sans kids. If this doesn’t apply to you, I’m sure trying finding time to work out still applies. You can also apply this to errands. 


I know once I get my time out for a run or workout, I put on my headphones and usually instead of blasting my playlist, I listen to podcasts about business. Once I am finished my workout/run, I am so pumped full of ideas of things that I can do. But once I get home, I get thrown back into the daily busy life of a mom with two kids, and two dogs. 


By the time dinner is done, there is bathtime, story time, and bed time, sometimes I am ready for bed as well, or I am finishing cleaning and doing laundry, and all the motivation I had earlier in the day is slowly slipping away, with the good intentions of getting back to them the next day. 


Guess what? The next day happens, and I have not yet done any of the extra things that I had good intentions of doing. Then the next day, and well, you get the idea. 


Business planning not quite your thing, there’s so much more you can do other than work…


What about meeting up with a girlfriend for coffee? Or running out to get that one thing that you have been eyeing, that isn’t a necessity, but a want? How about starting to read that book you have heard so much about?



Take that time after your workout (or once your done errands), and grab another precious hour (or even half hour, or 5 minutes) and do something else for you. You are already out of the house, you have your mind off of all the house hold work that needs to be done. You are out without the kids. Get your socializing done, and your mental health will thank you later.


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