Mom and Tribe Co. takes a portion of each sale and donates our handmade heat bags to kids newly diagnosed with cancer

Delivering care packages filled with support to families with a child recently diagnosed with cancer

Fostership delivers care packages which will aid families in Calgary, Alberta who have a child recently diagnosed with cancer. The packages will include items that will assist in their unexpected admission to the hospital and contain information on available resources and supports to the family. 
We were going on 8 months after diagnosis, before meeting Candice from Fostership and hearing about her care packages. Once talking with her, I immediately knew our experiences with ACH were going to be different going forward.
My daughter was diagnosed when she was 2.5 years old. The life that we knew was forever changed, and there was no one that we knew who we could turn to who could relate. The doctors, nurses, child life specialists, social workers, and all staff at ACH were great in helping us navigate the medical side of what was going to be happening, but anything else we were left to figure out on our own.
We had come to the conclusion that we were pretty much on our own, that there were no services available to us. We didn’t know what type of service we were needing, but just wanted to know there was something. Then we learnt about these care packages. It was hand delivered while we were waiting in day surgery for another surgery our daughter was about to undergo.
Receiving this package that had so many well thought out gifts meant more to us than we could have ever imagined. Not only were there so many helpful items, things to make our daughter feel special, and keep her entertained while at her many appointments, it gave us new hope for a new community and family. It was this care package, that introduced us to so many groups, services, other parents and families, it finally made us not feel so alone.
I could only imagine what the first 7-8 months could have felt like, if services like this were made more readily available, and known about.
MOM AND TRIBE CO. is partnering up with TEA HAPPENZ where proceeds of these purchases go directly to FOSTERSHIP:
You can purchase to donate a gift box directly to FOSTERSHIP to give to a family directly affected and diagnosed with cancer