The perfect DIY Fall craft for MOMS to not feel guilty

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The other day I asked my oldest daughter (6) what she wanted to do. She thought long and hard and decided she wanted to go to a local park and collect sticks. 

So off we went, talking about ideas we could do with this big bag of sticks we collected. 

Yesterday we did our first craft with them. We made letter decor. We wrote their first initials and they glued the sticks the form the letter. Once that was dried we then glued on some flowers. They also decided to decorate the rest of the canvas. 

We had so many extra sticks left over from this project, that I had to rack my brain about what else we could do with these. Then I realized that with fall here, making some Fall decor would be perfect for these. 

As a mom, I love decorating for the seasons and holidays, but I always have so much guilt when it comes to buying decor that is only used for maybe one or two months. I always feel like I should be buying something for my girls, or something more practical. 


Doing DIY projects helps cut down on costs, and makes it so much easier to decorate your house, with less mom guilt. 


We had left over canvas, so I went to my office, and used my Cricut machine to cut out some fall pictures. The first one that I printed was a pumpkin. I made sure to size the pumpkin to the size of the canvas.

The Cricut is perfect because you can just pick any design that the program has, and it cuts it out for you. But don’t worry, if you do not have one, you can always draw anything you want, or trace something else out. Once I had my pumpkin cut out, I put it where I wanted it on the canvas, and I used a pencil and traced it out. Try to trace lightly, that way you don’t have to worry about the lines showing. Alternatively, if you used a darker pen to trace it, just make sure that you cover the lines with the sticks. 

  Now the fun begins. Break those sticks into different sizes and start placing throughout your picture. It is up to you if you want to place them first, or glue them down right away. I worked with a couple lines at a time, placed them down to see if they fit together, then lifted up and glued them down.

Once all the sticks are glued on and dried, you can use any flowers, twine or anything you have laying around the house to dress up the photo.

A great idea you can do, is use small canvases, and make multiple images and do a collage on your wall by your entry way. That way when you walk in the front door, you immediately get the sense of fall and comfort.


Happy Crafting!




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