I will give back more than I make if it means helping ease some of the pain, or isolation these families can feel.

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I have talked over social media many times about why I start the businesses that I do. 


I think that it is our responsibility to give back. This does not always have to be in the form of money, but in anyway that you can. It can be time, expertise, money, donating, volunteering.. there are so many ways. 


With Mom and Tribe, and my photography business, I have set up ways to give back to a foundation called Fostership. This is a foundation that helps give back to families with kids newly diagnosed with cancer. This foundation is something that is near and dear to my heart, and I will give back more than I make if it means helping ease some of the pain, or isolation these families can feel. Hearing the words that your child has cancer, is something that you never wish to hear.


So when I started talking with Ron, from Tea Happenz, and I saw just how passionate he was at helping out Fostership, I knew he was on to something when he talked about us doing something together. If we join forces, we could reach more people, and the awareness about the need for helping families with kids with cancer could get bigger. 

Being a mom is isolating, being a mom with a child who has cancer is even more isolating. You lose friends, you lose family, and you lose some supports that you used to have. Fostership has the ability to help give you new supports. New moms, and families, and kids who are going through something similar to what you are going through. The more gift bags that can be delivered means there are more families connecting to other families. 


Tea Happenz, has done an amazing job at taking the lead with this project, and created labels, teas, and gift sets and ways to give back. 

I am so honoured to be able to say that Mom and Tribe, Tea Happenz, and Fostership are working together, and continuing to work on ways to be able to give back.

I could only imagine what the first 7-8 months could have felt like for us, if services like this were made more readily available, and known about.

If you would like to buy some tea where proceeds go to Fostership follow this link

Don’t like tea? Don’t worry, Tea Happenz and Mom and Tribe have created a gift set where you can purchase and donate the gift set to a family that is being supported by Fostership

MOM AND TRIBE CO. is partnering up with TEA HAPPENZ where proceeds of these purchases go directly to FOSTERSHIP:
You can purchase to donate a gift box directly to FOSTERSHIP to give to a family directly affected and diagnosed with cancer 

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