It's Spring, and you need time to drink your coffee hot

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Hello Spring!


It’s that time of year again where the weather gets warmer, the sun starts shining, the snow melts, you start hearing the birds in the morning, and there starts to be a trickle of kids playing outside. 

We have  all been cooped up inside for so long, but now that we all can go outside again, without having to deal with your kids hands being cold because they won’t wear the mitts you brought them. But what can we do? 


Depending where you are, the world looks a little different for us all. What our comfort levels are, how we are working, home schooling or going to school. Sometimes we can’t get out for the whole day, and we need ideas to keep our kids happy while we are trying to work from home. 

One of the things we do in spring is start planting our seeds. I let my girls make a craft out of it.    I give the girls our empty egg cartons and we cut them up and I let them colour and decorate them. Once they are done that, we go through and split everything up evenly and I let them do all of the planting. They put some dirt in, the seed, cover the seed and a little bit of water. I definitely would recommend to do this outside though because it made a huge mess in our kitchen!!

Afterwards, they both get to pick a window where to put their seeds, and they are in charge of taking care of them. It gives them both a sense of responsibility and they love it. Depending on how many seeds you have, this may give you just enough time to have the zoom meeting, finish your coffee, have a shower, or anything that you may need to get done during the day.


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