Moms, we need a win don't we?

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I need a win. What about you?


Sometimes the day to day gets so overwhelming and the noise gets in my head. There is a schedule for everything. Every moment has been penciled in. There are kid drop offs, pick ups, meals, play time, outdoor time, homework, and well the list goes on.


Sometimes it gets really hard pushing the things that we, as moms, know we need to make our kids do, when you know they only want to have some fun, and hang out with mom. Sometimes that is all that we want to do as well, but can’t.

It breaks my heart when my girls ask if we can do something, and the answer has to be no. Especially while working from home. It is hard for a kid to understand that mom can’t play because she is at her computer. How does being at a computer trump playing dolls, or colouring? 


It doesn’t.


But sometimes it has to.


So, moms we need a win. What does that mean?


I want to be able make a really cool snack, and hear my kids say wow!!!


I want to have a craft that they have never seen, and do this craft with them and they say that this is the best, and that I am the best!


Is there a fun theme you can do for the whole day? Meals, snacks, crafts, activities? Did you know there is a National Watermelon Day? 

I’ve got you covered! 


I am getting my win, but spending some time with my girls experimenting with crafts, science experiments, and meals, and then I get to share all of these things with you! 

It will be the MOM BUNDLE, and moms, we deserve a win!

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