My husband works out of town… a lot.

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My husband works out of town… a lot.

 He works very hard, and I try to always make sure he knows how much we appreciate it, as I’m sure being away from home more than you are home has got to be tough. He misses more than he experiences with us.


While he is gone, I work 3 jobs, and take care of both my children with no childcare and of course during these times, not much help. I have been very fortunate to have a husband who supports my dreams and goals, and has been by my side while I started 2 businesses. Thankfully, these two businesses, give me quite a bit of flexibility when it comes to working from home with kids aged 5&3. Unfortunately, that usually only means that I am working once they go to bed, and can work well late into the night, and always have an early morning; because somehow my kids have become early risers. I also have been quite fortunate with my other job, to take less hours, and also have a flexible job where I can also bring my kids to work if I need to.


It was early one morning, and I was texting with my husband while he was at work, and he made some complaint that his morning had started so early, and that he was working and wished he could not be working that day, like myself. I don’t think he realized that the kids were up, and maybe he thought I was up early enjoying a coffee….That’s when I sent him a photo of myself with my coffee, and in the background the girls were already eating at the kitchen table listening to an audio book. My response was: “My work day started early too”.


That’s when it hit me, I needed to write about you, about me, about us.

We are all mom’s in business in some way. Whether we own our own business, are a stay at home mom, or work outside of the home. When we are with our kids, we wear so many hats. When/if we are not with them, we are still thinking about the things that we need to do for them. Planning meals, activities, crafts, homework, laundry, etc. It is almost like we are always working. We always have to be on. We have had to master so many trades to be able to help our children. We probably could all be experts and have businesses in so many different areas.


I know most of the time, it seems like our jobs go unnoticed. It’s easy to feel exhausted at the end of the night, heck, even half way through the day we can feel exhausted. We say in the evenings we will have some “me” time, but then evening comes, and we know we have a list of things we still need to do. Even though, if your like me, you would never trade any of that for how much you love your kids, sometimes you still need to hear those words of appreciation, encouragement, support and love.


I see you all.


You are doing a great job.


Don’t feel guilty for anything you did today, you are a great mom


Today, I want to celebrate you!

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