Happy Mason Jar Shopping Mom Tribe!

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Do you love being creative when it comes to gifts? Or do you cringe when you have to start thinking of Christmas shopping?


Even though as I am writing this, there is no snow on the ground, it is not even Halloween, heck, it isn’t even Thanksgiving, but I am here to tell you now is the time to start thinking about Christmas… and gifts.


Mason jars will help you with this… Just wait, you will see why I am saying this.




I think this year, many have struggled in many different ways, but financially is a big one that has affected many. That is why this year I think it is such a great idea to have homemade, sentimental gifts.


I’m the type of girl who doesn’t accept gifts well. I would much rather love a small gift with a card over some big fancy gift. If you remember me saying something about me loving vanilla months and months ago, and I get a homemade vanilla candle with a card, that means more to me than a fancy coffee maker. And guess what? You could make a homemade candle with a mason jar!! See it all comes back to this.


Another great idea with mason jars of any size is to make salsa. I just finished making a batch of homemade salsa and canned it. I will be giving these as gifts. Make a cute tag, some twine and throw together a basket with some tortilla chips, beer, or wine, or maybe a snack bowl, and just a simple can of salsa becomes a personalized gift. You can add anything to these gift baskets to customize it for any person and any interest.


I will be putting out more ideas on our facebook page, and sending out tips and ideas for homemade personalized gifts that can help you come up with ideas that you can add your own personal touches to. This email is just to get you to start thinking about Christmas, and so you can start thinking about ideas.



Happy Mason Jar Shopping Mom Tribe!


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